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[KPOP IN PUBLIC] Boy With Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) feat. Halsey - BTS (방탄소년단) DANCE COVER 댄스커버 // SEOULA


[KPOP IN PUBLIC] Boy With Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) feat. Halsey - BTS (방탄소년단) DANCE COVER 댄스커버 // SEOULA

Video Channel: SEOULA

Have you fallen in love yet with these Boy(s) With Luv? Well we're not completely sure, but if you've stayed up to learn, practice, film their new song in a day and most importantly: THINK about BTS ALL DAY... does this mean we're in love??? What is LOVE? 😫...How about you let us know in the comments after watching our cover ?! ❣️❣️ (psssst stay tuned for an all guys cover as well ;) )

이번에도 방탄소년단이 전세계를 휩쓸것이 예상됩니다...! 여러분과 같은 마음으로 저희도 너무 오랫동안 기다려왔고~ 신난 마음에 첫 연습을 마치고 바로 촬영을 해버렸지 말입니다 🤣... 완벽하진 않지만 업비트+중독성에 안무까지 재밌어서 멤버들과 좋은 추억을 만들었습니다! 이렇게 여자들의 파워를 보여줬다면... 곧 남자버전도 기대해볼까요?! 🤭❣️

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J-Hope: Jadyne Dela Vega @m0_0chi
Jimin: Amy Choi @assah_amy
Jin: Eunbee Shim @eun_yeonn
Jungkook: Karen Zheng @krn.zlw
Suga: Allison Whang @alliwha
RM: Nancy Paucar
V: Alejandra Diaz de Leon @_lejandraaa

Kaya Wong @kayawong_

Kaya Wong @kayawong_

Boy With Luv - BTS

#boywithluvchallenge #bts #boywithluv

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