[KPOP IN PUBLIC TURKEY] SUPER M (슈퍼엠) - Jopping Dance Cover [TEAMWSTW]

[KPOP IN PUBLIC TURKEY] SUPER M (슈퍼엠) - Jopping Dance Cover [TEAMWSTW]


SUPER M (슈퍼엠) - Jopping Dance Cover by TEAM WSTW from Turkey. Enjoy! Please like, leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe! (Dancers in the description!~)

Dancers | @instagram

Baekhyun - Alican - @all.i.canx
Kai - Başak - @moonleviosa
Taemin - Emre - @e.mr.e95
Lucas - Melisa - @atalante_tt
Taeyong- Özden - @m.aus
Mark - Rumeysa - @rumeysse7en
Ten - Sinem - @_sinem_demir_

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Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/teamwstw
Instagram | http://instagram.com/teamwstw
Twitter | http://twitter.com/team_wstw

🎬 Videographer
Ali - @fourtimes_one
Buket - @mycassiedaddy

💾 Edit
Başak - @moonleviosa

More About Us?
In 2013, we were a dance team created under the name of Korea Fans Istanbul. In the middle of 2018, we decided to switch to both dance and singing. We also changed our name to "We Stage The World". Please show us a lot of love. 🌎💞


This video is used only for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music or choreography.

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