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[KPOP IN PUBLIC] UNB (유엔비) | Feeling (감각) | DANCE COVER [KCDC]


[KPOP IN PUBLIC] UNB (유엔비) | Feeling (감각) | DANCE COVER [KCDC]

Video Channel: Kaotsun's Cover Dance Crew (KCDC)

Our public cover of unb's feeling and we had a last minute location change for this time ;) Sorry for those who missed out and thank you for those who came and watched us.

Filmed by Larkey
Edited by Kenny

Euijin - Alex (@lexiikat)
Feeldog - Jason (@jdayumm)
Daewon - Dave (@xdpng)
Marco - Lucy (@suburbansonder)
Hojung - Swenson (@swenson.ch)
Hansol - Aubrey (@ichigolew)
Jun - Derie (@derie_milk)
Chan - Kenny (@kennyfok2009)
Kijung - Lizzy (@deathmew_cosplay)

#kpopinpublic #unb #feeling

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