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Little Baby Bum | Fun Songs for Children | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids


Little Baby Bum | Fun Songs for Children | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids

Video Channel: Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes \u0026 Kids Songs

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Songs About Numbers, ABC's and shapes:


LBB and friends:

Ten little animals | Counting for kids:

ABC song:

Enjoy this fun compilation, starting with Little Puppy Song and plus lots more nursery rhymes!

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00:04 Down By The Bay
01:46 If You're Happy & You Know It - Part 3
03:25 Funny Noises And Sounds Song
04:59 Five Little Baby Bum Friends Jumping On The Bed
06:47 1, 2 What Shall We Do?
08:25 Hop, Skip And Jump
10:13 Peeka Peeka Peekaboo
11:52 Farmer In The Dell
13:07 Ten Little Buses - Part 2
14:53 Ten Green Bottles
16:55 Sleeping Bunnies
18:41 Swimming Song
20:28 Robot Song
22:10 Aiken Drum
23:46 Things That Go Fast
25:20 Yankee Doodle
26:52 Happy Birthday Song - Part 2
28:19 BINGO - Part 2
30:37 Cock A Doodle Doo
32:13 Skip To My Lou
33:46 Driving In My Car - Part 3
35:18 Wind The Bobbin Up
37:12 Five Little Speckled Frogs - Part 2
39:41 Alphabet Party
41:43 Pop Goes The Weasel
43:24 Five Little Monsters
45:02 Here We Go Looby Loo
46:49 It's Raining It's Pouring
47:55 ABC Phonics - Part 2
49:30 Polly Put The Kettle On
51:06 Mary Had A Little Lamb - Part 2
52:39 Zoo Song
54:33 Hopping Song
56:10 Ding Dong Bell
57:46 Ladybug Ladybug
59:21 Song About Planes
01:00:54 The Little Blue Whale
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