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More Muscle and Strength Yoga with Lauren | Yoga Integrated Science (2019)


More Muscle and Strength Yoga with Lauren | Yoga Integrated Science (2019)

Video Channel: Yoga Integrated Science

More Muscle and Strength Yoga with Lauren | Yoga Integrated Science (2019)

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Product Website: http://yogawithlaureneirk.com

Yoga Integrated Science is Modern-Day Science Combined with Yoga. We are a Louisville yoga studio focused on increasing your strength, improving muscular balance, and enhancing overall range of motion. We offer yoga classes, Pilates, personal training, and yoga teacher training from our studio in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. We offer Certification Courses and Workshops in Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Personal Training.

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Website: http://yogaintegratedscience.com
Products: http://yogawithlaureneirk.com

Lauren Eirk is the creator of Yoga Integrated Science™, offering a unique, sound, biomechancial approach to Hatha Yoga designed to respect joint structure while improving muscle responsivity and strength She spent her life teaching and studying in the health, fitness, and yoga communities, learning from some of the top minds of our time. Having worked in the health education field for over 30 years, Yoga I.S.® is her vision. Lauren’s training has made her highly sensitive to clients with complex, on-going neuro-muscular issues, helping her clients to navigate an effective exercise plan to accomplish their goals.

Lauren’s work has been featured in such magazines as Yoga Journal®, Self®, IDEA® Fitness Journal, American Fitness Magazine, ACE Fitness Magazine, Fitness First Quarterly Magazine, AKWA Aquatic Exercise Magazine, Business First, Natural Awakenings, and New Woman Magazine. Lauren has presented for such fitness-health organizations and education conferences as IDEA World, IDEA Personal Trainer, Inner IDEA, FACTfest, AFPA, DCAC Fitness, AEA/ IAFC, ECA, Can-FIT Pro, Fit in the City®, Fitour®, Resist-A-Ball®, and Sarah’s City Workout®

+ B.S. Physical Therapy, University of Louisville
+ M.S. Health Fitness Management

Lauren is a Certified E-RYT 500 Level Registered Yoga instructor and has studied Yoga with Master teachers David Swenson, Sianna Sherman, John Friend, Mitchel Bleier, Francois Rault, Doug Keller, Doug Swenson, Judy Rice, Rodney Yee, Beryl Bender Birch, John Schumacher, and Ramanand Patel. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT with the International Association of Yoga Therapy and a Yoga Alliance® Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), she is the developer of the Yoga I.S.® method for Yoga, Barre, and Pilates-based classes, including the Yoga I.S. Mechanix™ method.

Lauren is a Mastery Level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Certified Specialist and MATRx Certified Full-Body Specialist Full Body, including the Lower Leg & Foot as well as the Wrist & Hand. Lauren’s MATRx delineation makes her one of 57 world-wide leading experts in the treatment of muscular Imbalances. She is an MAT Jump Start Instructor, Resistance Training Specialist, and an International Continuing Education Provider with an established personal training business since 2006, held in the Yoga Integrated Science™ Personal Training Studio. Lauren has been a certified group fitness instructor for nearly three decades and has run many group fitness programs. She is the creator of Yoga with Resist-A-Ball®, a former Resist-A-Ball® and FiTour® Master Trainer and the recipient of the ECA OBOW Award 2007 “Most Mindful Program”. Lauren has taught group and private classes in over 27 fitness centers since the start of her fitness career in the year 1988. She has many years of experience teaching in elementary schools, college universities, hospitals, fitness centers, and community centers in various local, national, and international venues. Lauren specializes in fitness rehabilitation, health fitness management, program development, and continuing education. Lauren is a published author with extensive television and video experience. Lauren is a brand influencer for Athleta® Brand clothing, a member of the Body Bar® Instructor Team with Yoga and Pilates programming, and an avid animal-rights advocate, partnering her business with the Kentucky Humane Society.

Lauren Eirk

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