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My Turn - Gameplay | Feiyu Technology

My Turn - Gameplay | Feiyu Technology

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Platforms: Mobile (Android Only)
Developer: Feiyu Technology HK Limited
Publisher: Feiyu Technology HK Limited

Get It Here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zxhd.projectc


My Turn is an extreme innovative fast-paced card battle game.
Choose your four favorite heroes, easy to build the deck with the equipment cards and the item cards, use the heroes' ultimate skills to reverse the battle

[Game Features]
Cheerful and Hearty to play cards
Draw five cards per round, enjoyable to play cards continuously

Ultimate Skills to shock the opponent
Full energy to use ultimate skill, one hit to kill the opponent

Reverse the battle and who is winner?
Never give up, seize the chance to reverse the battle

Easy to Collect Deck and Simple to Start
Choose 10 cards, create your practical deck

Fresh and Joyful Cartoon Style
Unique heroic ability...unique story and individuality!

Strong Realistic Sense
Come to play with your friend on the table!

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