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Myths about Masturbation in India & how movies like Veera Di Wedding is helping bust them.


Myths about Masturbation in India & how movies like Veera Di Wedding is helping bust them.

Video Channel: Akash Banerjee

Do women masturbate in India? After the now iconic scene of Swara Bhaskar pleasuring herself - its been a revelation for many. Veere Di Wedding has opened up a repressed debate over sexuality and made a lot of Indians aware that women of the country can (and do) masturbate as well.

Shockingly our own culture and religion accepts masturbation and even teaches us how to do it the right way - then why is a certain section of society acting like Victorian prudes?? Moreover, it seems that eve-teasing / exploitation / rape of women is fine in movies - but self-pleasure is not ?????

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