Navratri 2018 Day 3 - Korakendra Grnd - Non Stop Gujarati Dandiya & Garba Dance -GARBA SONGS


Navratri 2018 Day 3 - Korakendra Grnd - Non Stop Gujarati Dandiya & Garba Dance -GARBA SONGS

Video Channel: Shemaroo Gujarati

Shemaroo Gujarati brings you LIVE telecast of biggest Gujarati Garba festival from KORAKENDRA ground- Borivali MUMBAI. JAY MAA AMBE!!!
નવરાત્રીમાં દરરોજ સાંજે જુઓ રાસ-ગરબાની ભવ્ય રમઝટ LIVE કોરાકેન્દ્ર ગ્રાઉન્ડ (બોરીવલી, મુંબઈ)થી - Shemaroo Gujarati YOUTUBE CHANNEL પર.
એક સાથે આટલા બધા ખેલંદાઓને ગરબાના તાલ પર ઘુમતા જોઈ તમે પણ ઝૂમી ઉઠશો.

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It is one of the biggest Navratri event in Mumbai as it keeps getting bigger and better each year for the last 14 years.
There can’t be a better Navratri event than this with its perfect rhythm and Navratri festive vibe that matches the garba & dandiya lovers.
Start practicing with your tribe and get ready for Navratri Fever!

Temple is made with stapna of Amba Mata Goddesses Murti. People have lots of faith and come to take blessings every year.

A 1,00,000 sq. feet wooden platform is created especially for garba lovers to dance comfortably.

Crowd Presence
It brings mass audience and crowd of more than 2 lakh people each year. It has a crowd of about 24,000 to 30,000 per day.

Bollywood Presence
Various television & Bollywood artists make their presence. Lot of movie promotions are also done.

An extraordinary finale round is going to be held with 1 crore as the prize money.

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