ODI Fridays: Truth, Trust and Technology

ODI Fridays: Truth, Trust and Technology

Video Channel: Open Data Institute

With ‘Big tech’ is seen as the catalyst, or even the source, of a wave of distrust in truth and institutions, this talk explores the role of technology in creating and maintaining trust.

Deep fakes. Addictive technology. Data breaches. New technology and its (mis)use in the past decade seems to have resulted in a crisis of trust in institutions, and in truth itself. The fix will be slow, complex, and among many other things, we will need to put technology to good use to make things better.

In this talk, ODI Head of Technology Olivier Thereaux will share highlights and learnings from recent projects on technology to support trust, including ARCHANGEL, a collaboration with the University of Surrey and The National Archives on guaranteeing integrity of digital records, as well as the ODI’s recent work on technology for data trusts.
About the speaker

As Head of Technology, Olivier leads the ODI’s work researching emerging tech, prototyping tools and services, and exploring the interplay of technology and policy. A graduate of École Centrale Paris, Olivier has worked as a technologist in France, Japan, Canada and the UK for nearly 20 years, focusing on the various facets of open technology: open standards, open source, open data and open innovation.

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