Overwatch: BEST & WORST Heroes for LOW Ranks! - Season 20

Overwatch: BEST & WORST Heroes for LOW Ranks! - Season 20

Video Channel: Your Overwatch

Season 20 is right around the corner and we likely will be on the current patch state for quite a while in ranked. With enough experience on the new barrier nerf patch, we now can advice the best and worst heroes to pick for low ranks. At higher tiers, where Mei walls, Baptiste immortality fields are optimized nearly perfectly, rushdown deathball and dive strategies aren't as effective (as covered in our previous video about the new meta comp http://pokeclip.com/w-best-video-v_fEanx...) but in ranked, where the teamwork isn't really optimized for that comp, which requires skillshots and strong positioning, you can exploit ranked players with better solo queue hero picks and compositions.

BEST Tank Heroes for Low Ranks 00:34
BEST Damage Heroes for Low Ranks 08:40
BEST Support Heroes for Low Ranks 13:26

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