Overwatch - Roadhog Becomes DPS?! 3-2-1 Role Queue?! - Jeff SPEAKS!

Overwatch - Roadhog Becomes DPS?! 3-2-1 Role Queue?! - Jeff SPEAKS!

Video Channel: Stylosa Unit Lost

Overwatch with 3-2-1 Role Queue instead of 2-2-2? Roadhog is now a DPS hero?! WHAT?! Jeff Kaplan is back giving us some awesome insight into internal testing Blizzard are currently looking at. Jeff say's the team have been testing 3-2-1 comp for 2 months now, and it's awesome for DPS players and those who love being the only main tank - but there are drawbacks. Sometimes supports can feel overwhelmed. The single tank player may be forced into playing meta heroes more (if Rein becomes meta, does that mean you can only play Rein, or you team throws?) - The single tank has HUGE pressure on them to perform, being the only player in their role.

This is super interesting and I'd love these kinda posts more often. I love getting to see behind the scenes with Overwatch's development. It gives us valuable insights into the way the devs might take the game in the ftuture. But remember, these changes are currently only being tested internal and there is as of yet, no intention to bring them to live servers, or the Overwatch PTR.

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