Perkampungan Muslim di Wuhan China || Qiyi Muslim Village Documentary

Perkampungan Muslim di Wuhan China || Qiyi Muslim Village Documentary

Video Channel: Muhammad Hanif Hasballah

Video ini menceritakan bagaimana keadaan di perkampungan Muslim di Qiyi Street Wuchang, China. Ada sedikit gambaran bagaimana keadaan Masjid, pasar, masyarakat, sampai makanan (roti nan Uighur & Gaimian Lanzhou Hui) khas Chinese Muslim. Simak selengkapnya di video dokumenter pendek by Muhammad Hanif. Semoga bermanfaat...


My quest for perfect Uyghur nan bread is still ongoing. In the seven years since I was in Xinjiang, I have never eaten anything like the freshly baked nan bread sold in the streets. Of course, there are countless different varieties of bread being sold – but my favorite was the big, disc-shaped bread. Thick around the edges and thin in the middle, slightly oily and usually topped with sesame and sometimes onion or other spices, it is sold on the street in every city in Xinjiang for only 1-2 kuai.

The big oily round bread is not the only type of bread in Xinjiang. One other variety is a big, round, thick, extremely dry bread that can be stored for a long time. Other nationalities in the region (like Kyrgyz, Kazakhs) make this bread too. I remember visiting a Kyrgyz yurt where the hosts kept a big partially eaten round of dry bread in the corner covered with some cloth. They took it out and served it to us with tea. This bread is usually eaten with soup, sauce, or other liquid as it is too dry to eat on its own. Yet another common variety resembles a bagel, or more precisely, a bialy.


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