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❤Pick-a-Card: 🧡Do They Talk to Their Friends and Family About You? 💛What Do They Say?💚


❤Pick-a-Card: 🧡Do They Talk to Their Friends and Family About You? 💛What Do They Say?💚

Video Channel: Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner

Do they talk to friends and/or family about you? If so, what do they say? 👭❤👬❤👫(Quick 8 min. approx reading!)

❤#1: 1:11
🧡#2: 8:17
💛#3: 18:22

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1.) Love Connection Energy Report $42.42*
This reading answers the following specific questions:
What are their romantic feelings for you?
What do they want from this connection with you?
What are their intentions towards you and this connection?
What is the likely outcome going forward?
Please include your name and gender and their name and gender when ordering. Also indicate your status with them (in a relationship; not in a relationship; etc.).
Order here: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/ord...

2.) Your Journey to Twin Flame/ Soulmate Marriage: $62.62*
If you are hoping to have a marriage with your true love (twin flame or soulmate) then this reading will provide you with a road map for who that person is and how a union between you would develop. This reading does not guarantee a true love marriage, but it will provide guidance for how it may come about. It is always helpful to keep a positive expectation regarding these things. This reading answers the following:
Do you already know your future true love spouse?
What is their personality like?
What are some possible career fields they might be involved with?
What does your journey to marriage look like?
Finally, the reading ends with spirit guidance to help you along this journey!
Order here: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/ord...

3.) Spirit Animal/Tarot Reading: $22.22*
I will receive a psychic impression of the spirit animal wanting to work with you currently! In the reading I will explain the general meaning of this spirit animal and utilize tarot to bring forth a message from your animal guide that is specific to you and what you are needing at this current moment in your life.
Order here: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/ord...

4.) Akashic Past Life Reading: starting at $36.36*
I will go into meditation and receive a visual imprint of your past-life. I will see what you looked like and get a feeling of some notable event or life’s work from the past-life. The reading will include my written description of what I have received regarding your past life. Sometimes other symbolic messages and spirit guides will come through during the meditation as well, and if this happens I will also provide that information to you. Then I will utilize a 9-Card tarot spread to elucidate what this past-life means to you now, with the number 9 here emphasizing the completion of any karma from the past life. The tarot portion asks the following:

What is happening in the current lifetime that relates to the past-life?
What skills from the past-life are you being asked to draw upon now in the current life?
How can the client release karma from this past-life that may be impairing the current life?
Order here: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/ord...

5.) 3-Question or More Readings: Ask your own specific questions! Options are below:
3-Question Reading: $33.33*
4-Question Reading: $44.44*
5-Question Reading: $55.55*
6-Question Reading: $66.66*
Order here: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/ord...

*Prices subject to change. Please consult my ordering page for most up-to-date pricing and to place your order: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/ord...

Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner [email protected]

I've been reading tarot professionally since 2009. My primary spirit guide is Anubis, an Egyptian God of the Underworld. Creeeepy, right? 😊

Visit my website to learn more: http://gabbyturner.synthasite.com/

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