Police - Crazies - and Wasps OH MY - Ground Wasp Nest Removal

Police - Crazies - and Wasps OH MY - Ground Wasp Nest Removal

Video Channel: Hornet King

Removals of yellow jackets for customers are usually pretty straight forward and I never usually run into issues; however, there was this time... It took a while to even get back to the nest with the craziness I had to deal with prior to the removal. This neighbor began shouting at me the moment I entered the property demanding I leave. She began to be so belligerent that the police needed to be called. At one point, not in the video, she entered the property and disconnected the homeowners hose and walked away (???).
Now, about the Yellow Jackets:
So this was a Eastern Yellow Jacket nest that was build underground. This species was founded under an old burn pit in debris and ashes. This nest housed about 2,500 individuals! The nest was removed in its entirety and brought home and fed to my girls (Ginger, Pigeon, and Angel)

At the time of publishing this video, my sweet girl, Angel, has passed away due to illness. A very hard day today, and my heart is broken for this loss. Rest easy, Angel - cheep cheep cheep.

A couple things I want to say about this video, this is in no way meant to belittle this person who was in the video. Even though this was private property (and at times public property) she was made aware that she was being filmed. However, This was merely an occurrence I experienced during one of my removals that I wanted to share. Using the footage in this video of the neighbor who entered public/private property is in no means to denigrate, belittle, or make light of her condition (if she has one). My assessment of her "mental state" is my educated opinion as a nurse and in no way am I claiming it to be fact. I do not know this person, and I do not share this footage to reflect negatively on her as a person, her actions, or her self. I ask that people please be respectful in your comments regarding the neighbor. I do not condone nor encourage derogatory responses from any my viewers.
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