Presence - my first ever short film | BNFTV short film - Horror

Presence - my first ever short film | BNFTV short film - Horror

Video Channel: BnfTV

Presence is the first short film by BNFTV

Your brain imagines yourself in a similar situation after you hear, read or watch something scary. This is the basic idea behind the entire short film.
After watching a scary video, akash starts to experience somewhat similar situation.
Is it real or is it imaginary? he doesn't know.
but he does end up with a similar fate as the guy he watched on his phone.

This short film is written, directed, performed and edited by Badal yadav
Cameraman - Badal Yadav, Jaideep Jha
Special thanks - Mohanraj sharma, Sunny Prajapati

This short film was shot entirely on POCO F1
The entire cost of making this short film was Rs. 0 (zero) only.



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Presence bnftv
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