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ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set


ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set

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A slam dunk in every backyard! Double the fun on your trampoline system with our favorite, top-selling, ProFlex accessory. This basketball set will include the backboard (44 x 27.75 x 1.25), cushioned 11 hoop with Heavy-duty ProFlex hardware and a 5 inflatable basketball.JumpSport is a small, USA, family-owned, 20-year-old business. Our founder, Mark Publicover, is the inventor of the trampoline safety enclosure that protects millions of bouncing kids around the world every day. Feel confident with your purchase as only our backboards are created for safe trampoline play!Important to Remember: the ProFlex Basketball set will only install on a JumpSport Classic, JumpSport Elite or AlleyOOP Sports Safety Enclosure Systems. Will NOT work on any other brands.

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