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Progressive Psytrance 2015 Mix (The Psycho Begins Again #02)


Progressive Psytrance 2015 Mix (The Psycho Begins Again #02)

Video Channel: DJ Vassias

Mix by DJ Vassias! ➤ For progressive listeners, for new fans who wants to discover tunes from the past and also something new!
Psychedelic life, full of love, energy and passion comes out from mix stories, emotions by artists from all the world!

➤This channel has been created only for the music we like to share experiences and to have beautiful moments. Not for money is just for fun, of course my appreciation to ARTISTs and LABELs!!!

➤Give me some of your love♡, share my mixes to your friends, subscribe to my channel!

✷ NOTE: No copyright for music&image➞all rights reserved to their respective owners.

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Producer at Psyndora web Radio!

Vassias Mixcloud➤ http://www.mixcloud.com/dj-vassias/


☛ Μindwave - Stellar
☛ Axer - Balkazt
☛ Champa - What Makes You Itch (Fire Starter Rmx)
☛ Sonic Entity - Disengage
☛ Source Code - Artificial Intelligence
☛ Atomizers - Telekinesis
☛ Starlab & Maitika - Critical Distance
☛ Skyfall - Human Replicator
☛ Symbolic - Signs of Revolution
☛ Vertical Mode - Acid Farm
☛ Roger Rabbit & Egorythmia - Spiritual Science (Manmachine Rmx)
☛ Middle Mode - Flow Motion
☛ Infinity - Revolutionary (2012 Edit)
☛ Sonic Entity - Irukanji
☛ Lifeforms - Disclosure
☛ Middle Mode & Relativ - Divination
☛ Vandeta - The Vacuum Of Space
☛ Liquid Sound - We Affect The Future
☛ Imaginarium - Singularity
☛ Lifeforms - This Way Up
☛ Imaginarium - Recycled Roots (Manmachine Remix)
☛ Sonic Entity - Steller

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