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PS4 Error asking for reinstallation Update ### or later [What To Do]


PS4 Error asking for reinstallation Update ### or later [What To Do]

Video Channel: TheHGCGamersClub

This video tells you what to do First so you do not lose all your game save data.

If you ever get an error message asking you to use a USB with a reinstallation update 5.55 or any other number dash Do not click ok or download and try to install the update untell after trying this at least 3 times

There are 4 videos on this topic a link to each of the 4 videos are at the end of the video watch them all and one of them will get you back up and running if not you need a qualified repair shop and I'm not talking about some game store where the owner learned off of or trains his employees from youtube.

If you Need the Update link this is it:

Use the Update file at the bottom of the page that asks for a USB that has at least 1.1 GB or more of free space on it.

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