PUBG TROLLING HAS EVOLVED! - PUBG Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 15

PUBG TROLLING HAS EVOLVED! - PUBG Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 15

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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS funny voice chat moments episode 15. #PUBG

Finally, the most viewed series 'PUBG funny voice chat moments' has finally returned once again. Voice chat or proximity chat is one of the many reasons that why we still love PUBG. WTF is PUBG? It's only about the lul and the memes, so pick whatever weapon and skin you want, just make it dank on a daily basis. All video editing is done by me. If you're wondering, we've written permission for all clips that we used in this video.

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1. Find the 3 chickens with level 3 helmet in the video.
2. They will give you 3 numbers.
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🔖 Giveaway challenge ends on 30 September 2019

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🌐 Credits:

00:17 Aculite
01:41 NymN
01:58 Rubiez
02:30 QueensBound
02:41 Bestoloch
02:58 ScuffedNose
03:14 aisumaisu
03:30 Kaymind
03:52 dahmien7
04:20 Danucd
04:40 forsen
04:57 shroud
05:21 wtfmoses
06:28 TerasuHikari
07:06 ItsSlikeR
07:36 JowyBear
08:22 Avori
09:08 chocoTaco

♫ Music used in this video:

Intro: Silent Partner - The Only Girl
Outro: Silent Partner - To The Top

00:00 TheFatRat - Prelude

00:17 Shovel Knight music - Strike the Earth!
00:29 ES_Shark Disco - Håkan Eriksson
01:51 ES_Kobe Steak (Instrumental Version) - Martin Landh
05:21 ES_Swing Manouche 02 - John Åhlin
06:28 ES_Incidental Encounter 1 - Gavin Luke
06:46 Castlevania - Harmony Of Despair - Divine Bloodlines (Extended)
07:08 Silent Partner - Whistling Down the Road
07:36 ES_Sunshine Stroll 02 - Håkan Eriksson
08:22 Jingle Punks - Road to Moscow
09:15 Silent Partner - Sun's Rise

PUBG Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 15 [Playerunknown's Battlegrounds]

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