Sri & Kira Explore The Mysteries: November Full Moon Abundance Activator!

Sri & Kira Explore The Mysteries: November Full Moon Abundance Activator!

Video Channel: Oneness Talk Radio

A Master-filled conversation with Sri & Kira! The FULL MOON Is CALLING ALL MASTERS as "Density Anxiety" continues to expand! ...and the world prepares for the DIVE INTO vast discovery. Invite THIS MOMENT to DIRECTLY SHOW YOU THE PATH FORWARD!

The November 12 Full Moon, in harmony with the particular Mercury Retrograde opens a DIRECT LINE OF ABUNDANCE AND CREATION! Sri & Kira share EXTRAORDINARY insights!

This conversation starts today with Explore the Mysteries & continues tomorrow on Sri & Kira Live.

RESPECT! REMEMBRANCE! RECOGNITION! Full Moon Memories of Mastery Presence.
Imagine a moment where the universe held out its hand to you with love and presence as it whispers softly: "I AM HERE AND YOU ARE READY!"

This is indeed happening and now is the Moment to Gift Yourself with the Mastery Memories that will flood into your consciousness.

The key is ....HOW to Unlock This Gift!
An important Sharing with Sri & Kira that will teach you HOW to Harvest this Gift NOW!

Share your perspectives! Ask for a mini soul reading. Dial: 517-208-1500  You will hear the show while you hold!

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Please watch: "Soul Mirrors, Be Amazed! The Moment of Freedom is Now! "

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