Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Brutal Walkthrough - Mission #4: Smash and Grab

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Brutal Walkthrough - Mission #4: Smash and Grab

Video Channel: A2AxPhoenix

Game: Starcraft 2
Mission: Smash and Grab
Difficulty: Brutal
Planet: Monlyth
New Unit: Marauder
Armory Upgrades: Stimpak and Projectile Accelerator
Lab Upgrades: None
Achievement - Smash and Grab: Yes
Achievement - Rock Solid: Yes
Achievement - Hit & Run: Yes

After Matt Horner arrives with the Hyperion to rescue Raynor and Tychus from Mar Sara, Horner shows Raynor the impending attack of the Zerg across the Korprulu Sector with Kerrigan leading the Zerg Swarm. After watching the devastation, Raynor needs to get his forces prepped and ready for what is to be a difficult revolution. In this video, we continue helping Tychus find and retrieve artifacts for the Moebius Corps. In this mission, we are tasked to retrieve the artifact shard from Monlyth from a radical Protoss faction known as the Tal'Darim. This mission is fairly simple: Mass Marauders to win! In this video, I show you guys how to get the "Rock Solid" and "Hit & Run" achievements. If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe, like, and/or share with your friends. Thank you and Enjoy!


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