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Stealing Villagers + Other Planned Features Cut From AoE2


Stealing Villagers + Other Planned Features Cut From AoE2

Video Channel: Spirit Of The Law

Here are 8 rumored features the developers wanted to put in AoE2 that never made it to the final version.

0:26 Special abilities (shield wall, cavalry charge, etc)
2:08 Naval special abilities (ram, greek fire, grapple and board)
3:30 Raider civilizations
4:21 Stealing enemy villagers
5:15 Pillage buildings
6:00 Buildings block projectiles
6:40 Gaia regeneration (trees regrow and animals repopulate)
7:47 Outlaws
8:35 Forced treaties
8:57 Fealty (give 50% of resources and control of units to another player)
10:08 Relics given attack and conversion bonuses

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