Step 52 | Steps to Knowledge

Step 52 | Steps to Knowledge

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Steps to Knowledge is the Book of Inner Knowing. Its one-year study plan, which is divided into 365 “steps,” or lessons, is designed to enable students to learn to experience and to apply their Self-Knowledge, or Spiritual Power, in the world. Steps to Knowledge sets out to accomplish this task in a step-by-step manner as students are introduced to the essential ideas and practices which make such an undertaking possible. Practicing every day provides a solid foundation of experience and develops the thinking, perception and self-motivation necessary for both worldly success and spiritual advancement.

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Step 52
I am free to find the source of my Knowledge.

THE SOURCE OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE EXISTS WITHIN YOU and beyond you as well. There is no distinction to the source of Knowledge where it exists, for it is everywhere. Your life has been saved because God has planted Knowledge within you. But you will not realize your salvation until Knowledge has been allowed to emerge and to bestow its gifts upon you. What other freedom is free except that which enables you to receive the gift of your true life? All other freedom is the freedom to be chaotic, the freedom to harm yourself. The great freedom is to find your Knowledge and to allow it to express itself through you. Today you are free to find the source of your Knowledge.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS IN STILLNESS, receive the source of your Knowledge. Remind yourself that you are free to do this. Regardless of fear or anxiety, regardless of any sense of guilt or shame, allow yourself to receive the source of your Knowledge. You are free to receive the source of your Knowledge today.

Practice 52: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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