Suicide Squad 2 First Look Teaser Breakdown - The Suicide Squad Explained

Suicide Squad 2 First Look Teaser Breakdown - The Suicide Squad Explained

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Suicide Squad 2 First Look Teaser. The Suicide Squad Explained. New Characters, Harley Quinn, Justice League Birds of Prey and Batman Timeline ►
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Covering new Suicide Squad 2 Teaser. New characters First Look. James Gunn Movie Timeline. Justice League, Birds of Prey, The Batman and other DC Movies. New Story and funny moments.

The new movie was reported as being Rated R, just like The Joker Movie and Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn will be back, Rick Flagg, Amanda Waller. Excited to see a Movie version of King Shark too, who's been on The Flash for the last several seasons.

I'll do more videos for the movie as we get more previews and details while they're filming!

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