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Super Mario Party - All 4 Vs. 8 Minigames (Master COM)


Super Mario Party - All 4 Vs. 8 Minigames (Master COM)

Video Channel: MarioBricks

All 4 Vs. 8 team minigames in Super Mario Party featuring Team Peach Vs. Team Bowser. This was played versus a Master level CPU. Times for all minigames are listed below. #Mario #SuperMarioParty #Minigames

0:05 - Pull It Together
0:40 - Train in Pain
1:19 - Get Over It
2:33 - Rowboat Uprising
3:10 - Half the Battle
4:35 - Lit Potato
5:56 - Hammer and Sic 'Em
6:24 - Bumper Brawl
7:10 - It's the Pits
8:12 - Just for Kicks

Super Mario Party Playlist:

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