Tfue 4v4 Tournament at 7pm - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF moments

Tfue 4v4 Tournament at 7pm - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF moments

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Tfue got an Epic kill on ... SypherPK raged that they were killed by a bot
cloakzy got an Epic Victory Royale by doing this ...
Symfuhny raged that they were killed by a bot
72hrs raged that they were killed by a bot
and NateHill raged that they were killed by a bot

What is up guys back at it again with another Fortnite Funny Fortnite Fails and Fortnite Rage video for you! In this video of Fortnite Highlights we have featuring for you SypherPK cloakzy Symfuhny 72hrs and NateHill

Now I'm not saying Sunday there will be Fornite News segments on ESPN, but the game that can do so and can be marketed as so, is Fortnite Chapter 2.
Epic vaulted the pump because shotguns were pretty much the only weapon being used to get kills. the tac smg, with some minor adjustments, is the perfect remedy to that problem. while the suppressed was definitely a very solid short-midrange weapon, it always got overshadowed by some seasonal item grapplers, flints, whatever broken splode is in season, etc; that inevitably made it the first to go when you had to drop your third weapon. it was really accurate and did solid damage, but its clip size and fire rate held it back. with the tac in the game, its no longer required that you run shottie/AR for a 2 weapon loadout a situation that was definitely alleviated with the vaulting of the combat. imo, this the first meta where pump smg is comparable in competitively viability to pump AR without either being completely overpowered and the first season since season 5 ignoring the brief return of the pre-patch tommy where short-mid range tracking is being rewarded properly. while its definitely a spray, its not a pray weapon. if you’re boxfighting someone and you both have tacs, the player with better aim will always win, unlike the prepatch drum/p90 where it was just a hipfire bloom fight. shotties and ARs are in a great state rn and with just a mild adjustments, smgs might be in the best place they’ve ever been in.
Mobile is either the best mobile game or the worst version of Fortnite.All of you expect epic to be your slaves but imo you should thank them for making such an awesome game free.
Epic should do what they want to with their game as long as it’s free to play they can take out, add, nerf, buff whatever the hell they want but until you actually pay for the game don’t act so fucking entitled.
Hi guys Guys have you gotten new white scientist skin????? The Scientist Secret Style I have seen many who are unaware of the new Secret Scientist style. Today Ninja and Tfue talk the NEW MAP, Battle Pass and more!
TFUE & NINJA *REVEAL* Fortnite: Chapter 2 Thoughts! Quick reminder regarding the White Scientist variant It's first come first serve, as much as this should go without saying the amount of people using the control panel after someone's claimed it astounds meis season X event related to marvel endgame All the new visitor skin got a white variant the scientist & female visitor
Hope you like the videos and that I'm doing a good job keeping you up to date with news and controversies!▪️ Additionally, I incorporate my very own original commentary to my newer videos now! What's up guys, back with Episode 707 of our Fortnite Awesome & Funny Moments! Here's Episode 706 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it! Tfue 0:00 - 0:28 SypherPK 0:28 - 0:59 cloakzy 0:59 - 1:28 Symfuhny 1:28 - 1:44 72hrs 1:44 - 2:11 NateHill 2:11 - 2:36 Clix 2:36 - 3:05 UpshallGames 3:05 - 3:36 TSM_ZexRow 3:36 - 4:09 parallel_machi 4:09 - 4:38 QueueFN 4:38 - 5:07 ruckers 5:07 - 5:34 DJxCrayon 5:34 - 6:03 WolfPOG 6:03 - 6:32 stretch 6:32 - 6:59 Anysurvivor 6:59 - 7:24 greggo1410 7:24 - 7:51 Dirty88 7:51 - 8:20 flightfn 8:20 - 8:46 darkdroozy 8:46 - 9:15 pepperbtw 9:15 - 9:32 vGrimZz_ 9:32 - 10:01 shronii 10:01 - 10:21

$1,000 4v4 Boxfight Tournament | !bracket !vid !focus | MSF Clix
GGs upshall kills by pades
t1 Tournament thingy | @TSM_ZexRow | CODE: Zexrow
lil bop bud
Hit Me With A MUAH!
lil zone wars 1v1
council haircut killed by trap
hhhhh dirty m9ewed
Vault Console
duos / controller player/ road to affiliate
trickshot baby!
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