The Competitive Failings of Smash Ultimate

The Competitive Failings of Smash Ultimate

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Smash Ultimate is a game that's broken in a lot of ways, ways that I think many aren't willing to rationally discuss. In this video I'm going to attempt to civilly present the reasons that I believe Smash Ultimate is inferior as a competitive game to its predecessors. (Or at least, Melee & Smash 4. I'm not saying anything about Brawl lmao)

This video is assuming a fair bit of prior knowledge of Super Smash Bros, or at least knowledge of commonly used competitive terms. Regardless of how much you do or don't know - this video goes pretty in-depth on things like buffer systems and frame data so it might make your head spin a little, but hey! You might also find it pretty interesting and learn something!

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I used specific visual examples from the following videos;

How To Overcome Smash Ultimate's Buffer System by ESAM -

The 3 Biggest Flaws of Smash Ultimate by the BeefySmashDoods -

Advanced Buffer Tutorial by Skarfelt -

Smash Ultimate New Tech: Pivot Cancel by Izaw -

Why Buffering Is So Bad In Smash Ultimate by DJTHED -

Results of Buffering Your Moves In Smash Ultimate by Armada -

Greninja's Down Tilt Kill Confirms by TDOT -

Smash Ultimate - Early Captain Falcon Combo Guide by OHDJ -

King K. Rool Up Air Platform Mixups by MarsensDomain -

A special extra mention is owed to my local T.O. team of which I am a former member - DAT Team. Lots of the footage I used of myself playing at events was taken from their YouTube channel. They're an excellent team of tournament organisers who have been spearheading the UK community for years now. Give them a follow and a subscribe here;

And of course, G~P with whom I consulted a lot on the Control section of the video;

I own none of the music or footage used in this video. All other footage used in this video came from the following channels;

Finally I'll just say it again, I might make mistakes in this video! Because Nintendo don't support Smash Bros as much as other big gaming companies do their own fighting games, legitimate info on the inner workings and mechanics of Smash is very hard to come by. I'll endeavour to correct any mistakes I make the best I can through pinned comments and on-screen cards but even then - don't take any of the factual things I say as gospel. I encourage you to do your own research!

Also, please don't dislike bomb me for this because I'm criticising something you like. I try my best to be fair and even-handed in this video even if I'm saying that the game has many competitive failings. I worked immensely hard on this video over the period of a few weeks and I hope that shows through! :)

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