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The Fart Song and More Funny Songs for Kids | Cartoon Videos for Kids by Howdytoons


The Fart Song and More Funny Songs for Kids | Cartoon Videos for Kids by Howdytoons

Video Channel: Howdytoons

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The Songs In This Video:

0:05 Everybody Farts
1:40 Elephants Have Wrinkles
3:50 Sleeping Bunnies
5:25 Brachiosaurus
8:02 I'm A Pterodactyl
10:33 Sticky Sticky Bubblegum
12:08 Baby Shark
14:00 Jenny Was An Ankylosaurus
18:03 I'm A Crazy Witch
19:58 Dinosaur Battles|No Don't Eat Me
24:11 Dinosaurs Are Drinking By the River
27:19 It's Halloween
29:22 I'm Dressing Up For Halloween
31:30 Five Senses
34:05 T-Rex Chases Triceratops
36:10 The Egg
38:09 Do You Know Who I Am|Triceratops
40:40 The Little Green Frog
41:56 The Train Song
43:58 Zoom Zoom Zoom, We're Going To The Moon
45:18 T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex
47:30 Brontosaurus Is Back
50:12 I Went Walking In the Night
52:44 Baa Baa Black Sheep Medley
54:09 Parasaurolophus
56:16 Diplodocus

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The Fart S