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The Innocent | Short Film | Crypt TV


The Innocent | Short Film | Crypt TV

Video Channel: Crypt TV

Is there any ESCAPE for the INNOCENT??
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Written, Directed & Produced By: Alexandra Neary
Director of Photography: Matthew Halla
Editor & Sound Designer: Alexandra Neary
1st AC: Jorge A. Gomez
Gaffer: Auden Bui
Production Designer: Kira Colas
SFX Makeup Designer: Devon O’Malley
SFX Makeup Assistant: Maira Gomez
Sound Mixer: Zach Suter
Production Assistant: Giselle Torres
Visual Effects: Gregory JonesColorist: Harry Locke
Music By: Suite Tracks Film Music

James: Tanner Stymeist
Main Creature: Maggie Jorgensen
Creature: Farnush Danes
Creature: Victoria De Mare
Creature: Grace Paratore
Creature: Shae Tomlinson

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