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The True Story How BLACKPINK Girl Group Dominated K-POP


The True Story How BLACKPINK Girl Group Dominated K-POP

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BLACKPINK Making History In America As K-POP Girl Group.
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Blackpink is the girl group that is changing the game for K-pop. Their music video for the hit song, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” blew past BTS and Psy to become the most viewed Korean music video on YouTube in 2018. They also scored a major collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist, Dua Lipa. And with their new record deal with Interscope Records, things are blowing up for this girl-power band. We are going to dive in and find out the meaning of the name, Blackpink, get to know the individual members a little better. We’ll discuss some exciting news that has just been announced about their very first concert in the U.S. We’ll also examine Jennie’s new solo career, and find out which girl is next to venture out on her own. Check out this in-depth look at what makes this band the hottest K-pop girl group in the world. There is much to talk about!


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