Top 10 Badass Anime Power Upgrades

Top 10 Badass Anime Power Upgrades

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They don't get more overpowered than this! Join Ashley as he counts down awesome anime battles from series like Black Clover, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Digimon Tamers, Bleach, One Piece, Kill la Kill, Dragon Ball Super, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden wind, and more! Expect your favourite moments like Luffy using Gear Fourth, Giorno using Gold Experience Requiem, and Goku achieving Perfect Ultra Instinct, to appear on this list as well as characters like Fuegoleon, Killua, Midoriya, and Ichigo Kurosaki!

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#10. Salamander
#9. Gallantmon Crimson Mode
#8. Senketsu Kisaragi
#7. Full Cowling
#6. Godspeed
#5. Gear Fourth Snakeman
#4. Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
#3. Final Getsuga Tenshou
#2. Gold Experience Requiem
#1. Perfect Ultra Instinct

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