Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies Like Lucy | Explained in Hindi

Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies Like Lucy | Explained in Hindi

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Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies Like Lucy Explained in Hindi
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Friends Marvel studio’s Avengers Endgame or James Cameron’s Avatar are the two greatest Hollywood movies. Other side Christopher Nolan movies are best sci-fi movies all time like Interstellar or Inception. There are many Best Science Fiction movies are available in Hindi and if we talk about top 10 Best Hollywood science fiction movies that available in Hindi then Lucy movie came first. Lucy movies in Hindi is available and dubbed with its release. Now if we talk about Hollywood movies like Inception or Hollywood movies like Avatar then there is no movie like these great Science fiction movies. And now we talk about Top 10 Best Science Fiction Hollywood Movies Like Lucy then here we go.
Cloud Atlas is our first movie in the list. Cloud Atlas is a Hollywood movies based on space and time travel. Now the Second movie is The Fountain Hollywood movie based on time travel and Re-birth. Now the third one is Edge of Tomorrow. This Hollywood movie is based on Alien and space. The next film in our list is Source Code which is based on parallel universe. Now the next one is Donnie Darko which is also based on parallel universe. Now the time for Hollywood movie based on Artificial Intelligence which is AI Artificial Intelligence. Now we talk about Mr Nobody movie which really best Hollywood movie with new concept. Predestination movie is based on Time travel and Predestination paradox. Our next film is Christopher Nolan’s Inception which is based on Dreams and Suspense. Now Last one is Matrix which is based on Digital World running by Machines.
So these are best Hollywood movies based on science and fiction. There are many Hollywood science fiction movies dubbed in Hindi but these movies are best on own concept and story. Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi will our next video.

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