UNBROKEN - Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation (Most Eye Opening Speeches 2019)

UNBROKEN - Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation (Most Eye Opening Speeches 2019)

Video Channel: Motiversity

UNBROKEN! Courage isn't having the strength to go on, it is going on when you don't have the strength. We will all die one day, but at least we will die UNBROKEN.

Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation featuring a new speech from Bobby Maximus and some of the best inspirational speeches ever from Les Brown, Elliot Hulse and Logan Taylor.
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Bobby Maximus

Bobby Maximus is one of the world’s foremost fitness authorities. He’s the creator of The Maximus Gym and director of Project Maximus, one of the country’s most elite and hardcore training programs. He’s also the Keeper of Authenticity at Lalo Tactical. This former UFC Fighter and BJJ World Champion has broken multiple power-endurance world records. Follow him on Instagram at @bobbymaximus and check out his latest book, The Maximus Body at www.MaximusBody.com.

Bobby Maximus empowers you to train your mind, the true catalyst to change.

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Les Brown
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Logan "Y.B.Normal?" Taylor
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Elliot Hulse
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1. Unbroken - Bobby Maximus
New Motivational Video by Motiversity

2. One of the Greatest Speeches - Les Brown & MotivationHub

3. You Matter - Logan Taylor & Motiversity

4. Go Hard - Elliot Hulse & Motiversity

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Paul Elhart
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Really Slow Motion
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