Unknown (2019) - A Short Filipino Horror Film

Unknown (2019) - A Short Filipino Horror Film

Video Channel: JGOProductions

A horror film about a series of deadly events caused by the unknown. A 19-minute short film directed/written by John Gylor Paypa.

The film follows Jane (Jonairah Usman) who's frail and vulnerable along with her friends Shantal (Johanie Usman) and Jay (Jonard Tangian). Followed by a series of events, Jane is looking for answers as to why these deadly events are happening.

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Language: Cebuano
Release Date: November 2, 2019

Jonairah Paypa Usman as Jane Cruz
Johanie Paypa's Usman as Shantal Dela Vega
Jonard Tangian as Jay Christian Tangian
Renalyn Reuyan as Mitch Marie Emariol
John Gylor Paypa as Jane's Brother

Directed/Written/Edited by: John Gylor Paypa
Cinematography by: John Gylor Paypa

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