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VIRGINIA PT. 2 - Exploring Norfolk NAVAL Base


VIRGINIA PT. 2 - Exploring Norfolk NAVAL Base

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Upon arriving to Norfolk, I immediately set out to explore the naval base while my mom was still at work. We had plans of meeting up later in the evening.

While I was out taking it all in for the first time, I noticed there were a lot of steam vents throughout the base. Although, I wasn't always aware of what they were until I talked to a Navy officer who informed me.

The first thing I migrated to was naturally the docks where all these ships were parked. This is the largest naval base in the world and I had to see it for myself. I found an empty dock and walked to the end of it where I proceeded to kick back for the next half hour. It was so relaxing. I was right next to the U.S.S. Arlington.

Next, I kept exploring my surroundings. I eventually came to Willoughby Bay and found myself an unnamed beach. I also had it to myself! What a great day.

My mom finally got off work and we went over to the Hermitage Museum and Gardens.

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