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We Got 100 Acupuncture Needles In Our FACE!?! (Beauty Trippin)


We Got 100 Acupuncture Needles In Our FACE!?! (Beauty Trippin)

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It’s been exactly one year since we first discovered the MIRACLES of acupuncture therapy and we've been looking for excuses to do it again ever since.

Our time has come...but now the needles are going in our FACE!! (wait, what?)

Okay, we’ve all thought about getting botox at least once in our life…but for those of us who don’t want to make that sort of commitment - there’s an alternative! It’s called “Facial Acupuncture” and yes, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like. (Shout-out to Eastern Medicine, woop woop!)

Erin & Lily visit the amazing Dr. Romy to become human pincushions once again and try out this strange (but rejuvenating) cosmetic treatment.

Would you ever get a facial acupuncture?? Have you had a crazy acupuncture therapy experience?! Tell us below!

📍 Check out Dr. Romy Simone online 📍http://www.romysimone.com/

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