We're A Lot More Alike Than You Realize...

We're A Lot More Alike Than You Realize...

Video Channel: Stylish D

I wanted to make a video telling you about the man behind the camera and show you that we're actually a lot more alike than you realize. I get tired of watching YouTubers showing you their amazing life and giving you ten step processes on how you can emulate their success. How about I show you the other side, the side of someone who struggles most days just like a lot of other people do.

I'm SD aka Carale. I live in the great state of Minnestota like a lot of you and, like a lot of you also struggle with money and change and all of those things. I worked in the service industry waiting tables for many years and have no background in tailoring or clothing alterations. None whatsoever. I just knew that I wanted to do something different for a change. So Stylish Dad was born! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💪🏾*You’ll Like These Too*💪🏾 🔴How To Tailor A Dress Shirt (Part 1) http://pokeclip.com/5wVWfui7LGI 🔴 How To Tailor A Dress Shirt (Part 2) http://pokeclip.com/i7xfrk0taCs 🔴 How To Add Darts To A Dress Shirt http://pokeclip.com/aLRaKi3hfl0 🔴How To Taper Dress Pants http://pokeclip.com/mR_Qv3D2AbU 🔴How To Shorten Dress Pants http://pokeclip.com/Y6BJdmsSOuA 🔴 How To Tailor Your Jeans http://pokeclip.com/qyIo8bqa8gM 🔴 How To Slim A Hoodie http://pokeclip.com/-bsJjjO-33E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *******💪🏾SUBSCRIBE HERE💪🏾******* http://bit.ly/2Ku5vGp 💪🏾Check out my Patreon!💪🏾 www.patreon.com/StylishDad ☎️For business inquiries or brand deals☎️ [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👊🏾SOLID Cost-Effective Sewing Machine! http://amzn.to/2Kv5orF 👊🏾You Need Some Pins - http://amzn.to/2RqsCVW 👊🏾Here’s Some Measuring Tape - http://amzn.to/2NXrG7c 👊🏾 In case You Mess Up BAD! - http://amzn.to/2CJoRCV 👊🏾 Bobbins For Your Machine - http://amzn.to/2GR2tvp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Brush patterns and shapes were provided by http://www.brusheezy.com

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