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WEEK 7 -- Bali - We explore the magic of Ubud


WEEK 7 -- Bali - We explore the magic of Ubud

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In week seven of our adventure we continued to explore Ubud, Bali, including getting to witness preparations for a royal wedding. We had a fun and educational visit to Puri Lukisan Museum. The kids were entranced by a man playing a Bamboo Rindik. When he offered them a chance to play, they were super excited. They were impressed with both how fun and difficult the instrument is to play.
At Sacred Monkey Forest, we learned about the natural springs that are the sources of life for the monkeys and the reason why the 3 temples exist there.
We had an awesome time taking the Periuk Bali Cooking Class. We made really delicious food, if I do say so myself
After pounding spices with a morart and pestle, we made curry, soup, and pandan crepes. I had an expic fail trying to flip a crepe. Luckily, others did a better job and we had crepes to eat.
We also really enjoyed the rest of the food we made including a stir-fry and grilled fish in banana leaf but Eli's favorite was the chicken on a stick with peanut sauce.
We love exploring a different culture through their food.

We're an American family of four that's been living in New York City.
We quit our jobs and rented out our apartment. We are taking a year off to travel the world.

Please join us next week as we explore more of Ubud, Bali...

by Nicolai Heidlas

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