What Happened To All The Actors Who've Played The Joker?

What Happened To All The Actors Who've Played The Joker?

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Snagging a role like the Joker is something that can make or break your career. It's a daunting task and easy to mess up. But what happens after you wash all the green dye out of your hair? From Cesar Romero to Joaquin Phoenix, here's where all the actors who've played the Joker are today.

Cesar Romero stepped foot in Hollywood In 1934. The self-proclaimed "Latin from Manhattan" was known as a professional dancer, and though he would've excelled as a leading man, most of his major roles were supporting parts. He was cast as the Joker in the cheesy 1966 Adam West Batman series, marking him as the first actor to ever put on the character's purple tuxedo.

Romero refused to shave his famous mustache for the role, so the crew simply had to slather the lip hairs with white makeup, thereby creating the good ol' "can you spot the Joker's facial hair?" drinking game. Hey, he did have a great mustache.

But don't confuse Romero's protectiveness of his facial hair with primadonna behavior. He loved camping it up as the Joker, and reportedly wasn't a fan of how later interpretations took the character in a darker direction.

By all accounts, Romero lived a long, fulfilling life, passing away in 1994 at the age of 86.

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