Here's Why Store Bought Clothes Are SO Baggy

Here's Why Store Bought Clothes Are SO Baggy

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Some people think that they can get away with wearing off the rack clothes and not tailoring your clothes, but they're wrong. The reason for that is because mass produced clothes are made to fit everyone and because of that they don't fit anyone.

Back in the day, like in the 1800's a lot of women were able to tailor and sew, and back then if someone wanted a new shirt or a new pair of pants they had someone make them for them. It was a long process but the result was that their clothes fit them perfectly, because they were made specifically for them.

Fast forward to the early 20th century and a lot of people started working at jobs where their clothes got worn out faster. There needed to be a better solution. That solution actually came during WWII, because they needed A TON of uniforms, and they needed them fast. Every day seamstress' weren't able to keep up with the demand, but manufacturers could. But there was one thing that suffered, and it was clothing measurements. No one could agree on what should be what, so a large by one company could look way different than a large by another company. The remedy for that? Tailor your own clothes! It's super easy and cost effective! Go watch those videos below to learn how! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💪🏾*You’ll Like These Too*💪🏾 🔴How To Tailor A Dress Shirt (Part 1) 🔴 How To Tailor A Dress Shirt (Part 2) 🔴 How To Add Darts To A Dress Shirt 🔴How To Taper Dress Pants 🔴How To Shorten Dress Pants 🔴 How To Tailor Your Jeans 🔴 How To Slim A Hoodie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *******💪🏾SUBSCRIBE HERE💪🏾******* 💪🏾Check out my Patreon!💪🏾 ☎️For business inquiries or brand deals☎️ [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👊🏾SOLID Cost-Effective Sewing Machine! 👊🏾You Need Some Pins - 👊🏾Here’s Some Measuring Tape - 👊🏾 In case You Mess Up BAD! - 👊🏾 Bobbins For Your Machine - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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