You took your Hyundai WHERE?!!

You took your Hyundai WHERE?!!

Video Channel: Matt's Off Road Recovery

We got a call for a Hyundai Tucson that was stuck on the Toquerville falls road.
It turns out the Rental was down a jeep trail and had been badly damaged underneath from the trip down.
We found the Hyundai crossways on the road, and quite stuck.
Luckily, no fluids were leaking and all the tires still held air, so we were able to get it turned around and headed back up.

The trip up was slow and painful.
There were no amount of rocks we could roll out of the way to make this vehicle travel smoothly up this road. Sometimes we move rocks out of the way, and sometimes we moved rocks in front of the tires to build a makeshift ramp to get it up to the next level.
We were able to get it out without any apparent further damage to the undercarriage and rockers.
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